Unity and Harmony
Through Strong Individuality

Elements - Lindsey Stirling

2017 Solar Eclipse totality as seen by the people attending the viewing event at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, Salem, Oregon.  Image Credit: NASA/Dominic Hart

What in the World is Going on?
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Our Bloggers:

Marshall: I am a free market guy. I also believe we need to learn to live as one - quite a balancing act - Ino right?

I make this place go and I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Penny: I am squarely in the camp of service-to-others and I have an unwavering moral compass. This will be about very real, down-to-earth issues of human rights and ethics in politics and government.

Obiwan: semi retired; a journalist, writer, editor, poet and lyricist. He served for 11 years in the Australian military and has a keen interest in strategic & security issues.