My second blog was about Truth – just because I liked the idea. Then for a Fourth of July special I just picked Freedom, cuz … duh. It was then that I noticed the pattern and had to finish the ‘four values of the Bohemian Revolution” or words to that effect from Baz Luhrman’s “Moulin Rouge” from 2001.

For those who haven’t seen it. Those four values place very high for a troupe of Bohemians in a theater called The Moulin Rouge in late 19th century Paris. So, since I loved the film so much and since those values are so timeless and appropriate for our revolution, I thought , what the heck, let’s continue this series.

Looking around for the song (Freedom, Beauty, truth and Love) from the film I found this video on YouTube from Pamela Ziemann who also has a website here:

So, anyway, I liked her little speech so much I decided to use that instead of the song, here: Watch Video

OK, Beauty – as part of the 4-part harmony. Beauty, to me, is that which focuses our love. Love is fueled by compassion and I’m quite sure that’s one of the most important things we are here to learn about. A few of my favorite quotes about beauty: "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" Edward Scissorhands (1990) which I found this morning here: and an old classic, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Let me throw one in I just made up out of a mixed metaphor: One person’s beauty is another’s beast.

Beauty is surely subjective. For free people, unencumbered by the false bonds that society tries to encumber them with (not to be confused with those true bonds which society tries to encumber people with) who are open to discovering their own beauty in life – this can be a very empowering thing. Of course our own version of beauty doesn’t always translate to others. But following our own version of beauty and sharing it with others may not always conform to societal norms it can be an exercise in transcendence to follow our own hearts in that area and indeed embark on that scary, lonely, brave journey of sharing our peculiar definition of beauty with the world.

I think that beauty takes its place among the big four here, primarily because our individual definition of beauty defines that which we love. When we see beauty in the world – as we co-create in the world we are given here, we feel love. When we feel love, when we have love in our hearts, this naturally spreads to other people – even those who may not see beauty in everything we see – they will feel the love. If we openly share the love we have for those things in the world which we see beauty in.

So, go forth bravely and love openly that which you see beauty in. I’m pretty sure the world is gonna be a better place if you do.

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