A Few of My Favorite Things


  1. Phenomenon (1996)Trailer
  2. Man of La Mancha (1972)Trailer
  3. Field of Dreams (1998)Trailer


  1. Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged
  2. Alice Walker - By the Light of my Father's Smile
  3. Robert S. Mendelsohn - Confessions of a Medical Heretic


  1. Boston - More Than a Feeling Video
  2. Prince - Purple Rain Video
  3. Public enemy - He Got Game Video Ali Tribute
  4. Pink - Fuckin Perfect Video
  5. Blues Traveler - Hook Video

A Few More of My Favorite Things

Favorite Filmmakers:

  1. The Wachowskis: Formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers til Larry became Lana. Credits include; "V For Vendetta" Trailer, "The Matrix" series Trailer and "Cloud Atlas" Trailer. Also see this great clip of Lana accepting this HRC visibility award - good stuff:Lana HRC
  2. Brit Marling: IMDb Bio A new voice in Hollywood, I love her spiritual yet adventurous films, including "Sound of My Voice" Trailer, "Another Earth" Trailer, "The East" Trailer and "I Origins" Trailer. She also has an ongoing Netflix series called "The OA" Trailer.
  3. Barri Chase: IMDb Bio Barri was the leader of a workshop I attended at the (Oregon) South Coast Writers Conference of 2016, entitled, "Writing a Screenplay". Barri was getting ready to shoot a film in Oregon, at the time called, "The Watchman's Canoe"Trailer FB Page Barri also has a new one due to come out next year, Coyote Howls Trailer

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