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Best fight song ... Ever!

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We're into the final third of the 2017 season already. Go here for the first third. And here for the second third.

11/29/17 The Soul of the Game 2017 OhowIHate week donchya know.

11/19/17 The Soul of Wiscy Wiscy football take the present.

11/13/17 Week 12 Polls Another week of no respect nationally.

11/12/17 The Soul of the Maryland Game First half great, second half, not so much.

11/06/17 Week 11 Polls The main polls have us in the 20's and the CFP boys don't know we exist - don't worry they will. Maybe even this year.

11/05/17 The Soul of the Minny game This game is the first game for the rest of our lives M fans. 🙂

Archives of pre-season posts, including the popular preseason depth chart series. Check it out to see how accurate (or not) my projected depth chart was and interesting tidbits on the players as they start showing up on your TV screen here.

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