The Truth

And nothing but the … yeah, right

Truth – as an abstract – what a concept. Lovers yearn for it. Governments expect it. Bullies demand it. Most of us play at it – around the edges of where our self-interest meets the demands of the institutions and people that we interact with on a regular basis.


I have wanted to avoid politics here – but knowing me and knowing our present world – that was never much of a reality, I guess.


But, I’ve found a loophole. I’m not going to discuss American or global politics. Nope, not right here and right now, I’m not. I’m going to tell you a story, dear reader, about a country and a world in a galaxy far, far away in a time long, long ago.


In this world, called Mirth, there was a country called The Deluded State of Hyperbole. And the residents of DSH (alternately referred to as DISH or DASH) enjoyed prosperity that surpassed all the other countries in Mirth. It could be said, in fact, that they enjoyed prosperity unrivaled in the long history of Mirth.


But, other denizens of Mirth were getting their act together. They were manufacturing goods that DISH had previously had a bit of a monopoly on. Of course their workers were getting a much lower wage than DISH residents had. They could afford to – they did not have the huge spending habits that DISH residents had developed over this long period of extreme prosperity.


Yes, the DISH residents enjoyed many luxuries and necessities that had escaped the grasp of the middle class since Mirth time immemorial. At the time of their recent crisis these citizens had developed some slovenly habits. They did love them some fat food and infotainment. These were their favorite vices. Also, many mind-altering drugs were very popular. Social scientists and psychologists who studied their culture after it fell came up with many theories about their drug use, but the people who manned those positions in real-time, well they were too close to the situation to provide any good info to those who wanted to change things.


The main thing to understand about the DISH-ian state of mind at the time is this: They valued fat food, infotainment and recreational drugs above everything else – as a collective, that is. They loved their high paying jobs – because it got them more of the “big 3”. They hated “low-paid foreigners” taking away their high paying jobs because it would get them less of their personal stash of the big 3. However, if their neighbor lost their high-paying job to a low-paid foreigner, well that was sad, but not a tragedy. And if someone across the country lost their job and the only affect it had on them was that the stuff they bought from DASH-Mart and DISHY-world (popular discount stores) was cheaper – thus allowing a greater expenditure for the big 3 – well, there was nothing at all wrong with that.


Well, some say that good times never last. And so was the case with the DISH-ians. As things began to come to a crisis point, their government and the infrastructure that supported it (The “Free Press”, Scientists, anyone who was beholden to the government, basically) began to lie to the people in ever bolder and brazen ways. What could they possibly tell them? That they had to compete with these emerging countries and their low paid workers? No, in a government in which the leaders had to be elected by the people that approach would clearly not work. These government officials had to lie to the people – it was the only way to maintain their power and position of luxury, which was, even higher than most DISH residents.


Eventually the people started seeing through this and they revolted. Of course they were in no condition for a real revolution, but they gave it a good shot. A good percentage of the people became enamored with a person who came from the Infotainment business. He had never been a political leader. This was just what many of them were looking for. And he was elected as dear leader, but not by a majority of the people. This part gets complex – in a strange perversion of democracy, which surely could only exist on a planet called Mirth, inside a country named The Deluded State of Hyperbole – in a system that is far too complex to explain in this short reenactment – this new ‘dear leader’ was elected by a minority of the population with just one main opponent – I know, weird, right?


This leader, named Hitlumpolini, took this opportunity to basically conduct an all out attack on the truth. Due to his skills in infotainment, he was able to keep his base of supporters entertained and energized in fighting the enemy – the dreaded One-Mirth crowd. He had seen this strategy before and had decided that he had the cajones to pull it off. If you don’t like reality – just create a new one and demand that everyone accepts your reality. It made for a very tumultuous time until the dear leader was discredited. But it was a valuable lesson – for those who were willing to learn from it.


The fall of the DISH-ian empire is still shrouded in mystery. The only thing that those who analyze their demise can be sure of is this: Eventually truth prevails, eventually.

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