I was a disabled blue collar worker until a man used a CIA code word on me and overnight I remembered a life I had clues of before, but thought they were my imagination.  Now I know they weren’t.  That life and those memories are not the subject of this blog–but I am well known in the Disclosure Community because of them.  Sorry guys, I will be sticking to down to earth human rights and ethical issues here.  Expect to read a lot about human trafficking, slavery, the rampant pedophilia in places of power, how government monopolizes the drug trade to fund black ops.  All the stuff that whistleblowers and investigative journalists risk their lives to expose.

I grew up on a dairy in rural California, the grandchild of Grapes of Wrath immigrants from Arkansas and Oklahoma.  I was an Eisenhower Republican and probably still am.  The trouble is the Party went Alt-Right in the 90s and I didn’t.  Since the Democrats also shifted far-Right, that puts me into “no man’s land”.

I am formally educated, a year short of a BA in microbiology.  I have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren.   This photo was taken at a recent family wedding.

I used to be a devout Christian, but the third excommunication took.  I follow an eclectic spiritual path that includes not harming others.  My moral compass is still set on Matthew chapters 5-7, which is what the spiritual community calls service-to-others.

I do have a fire in my belly about these issues.  The mother bear watching out for the cubs is what it’s like.